ICT Services

Mmatli Enterprise ICT Services

Business Consulting is the process of analysing an organisation’s existing business operations and developing best practice strategies for the improvement and the implementation thereof.

Our ICT Consulting services are geared towards the assessment and improvement of our clients’ physical infrastructure. From data cabling, network maintenance and infrastructure management to systems administration.

Our consultants are equipped with adaptable fine-grained processes which guarantee a speedy delivery of high quality solutions for all projects they embark on.


Mmatli Professional Services ICT

OpenERP is our flagship ERP solution, which is an opensource suite of customisable, scalable and easy to administer business applications. Our applications provide business logic functionality support and are designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity of:

Enterprise-wide functions: Project Management, Financial Management, Sales, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Management, Supply Chain

Industry-specific functions: Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Mining etc

Mmatli Office Automation Services
Our Office Automation solutions provide for the management of information, data storage, with retrieval and transfer capability. We offer various mediums to digitally create, store and retrieve information required to accomplish basic office tasks:

  • Document Management Systems
  • Records management
  • Filing and archiving
  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Scanning